Fares Aoun


Fares Aoun was raised in Lebanon and is a graduate of Lebanese University in Beirut with a degree in Fine Arts.

Growing up in a troubled area in the middle of a civil war, conflict between religions, ethnic groups, and war are nothing foreign to him.  He grew up witnessing a lot of anger toward others.  After the war (but not the conflict) ended in his country he moved to the US, where he witnessed up close a world known to him before only in movies.  The resulting change in his worldview drove him to share his experiences in learning to understand “the other.”  That’s how Jerusalem Spring was born.

Fares is an accomplished artist and photographer.  He enjoys traveling and cooking in his spare time.

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Original image for book cover by Tanya Nagar

فارسی إسكندر عون  لبنان  لبناني

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